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Hocking Hills Wedding Photographer


​​Bud Schrader

Bud was born and raised in Hocking County, Ohio.  He was always intrigued with cameras and photography but never really became serious about it until his mother bought a 35 mm Minolta and asked him to figure it out and then show her how to use it. Little did she know! Thus, a love affair with photography began that has grown over the years.  Needless to say, his knowledge has also grown and, of course, his camera and equipment have been upgraded over the years.  He now shoots with a professional Nikon DSLR.

While Bud's passion has been photographing scenic views of the Hocking Hills and Lake Logan, anywhere he travels he catches scenes that most are too busy to see.  Recently, his love of photographing older structures such as barns, churches, schools, covered bridges, etc has grown.  To him, it's a way to preserve our history and pay tribute to the lives that were lived there and the generations that followed.  As you can see in viewing his scenic gallery, there is beauty everywhere, even in the older structures that represent our heritage. 

Bud has brought the same passion that you see in his scenic photography into the area of portraiture photography.  He is constantly looking for that element that will make the photography session a little bit different, so that the end result is unique, beautiful, and quite special.  His goal is to make your photography session as relaxing and enjoyable as possible so that you can have amazing photos that capture the wonderful moments of your lives.



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